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Warehouse Management Blog

4 Must-haves of underground carpark or basement entry garage doors

Tips to help you select the ideal entry door The average person may not even think twice about, or have much to do with, the doors allowing them access in to their underground car parking spot. And whether the door is below their apartment or office block, that's how it should be: easy for the user.

When Do Warehouse Managers Upgrade to a High Speed Door?

3 Reasons Why a Rapid Door Could Suit your Facility Have you ever explored the option of high speed doors, but wondered whether your facility really needed them? You might have liked the idea of a super fast roller door letting your forklifts operate in turbo mode, but didn’t know if you could...

COVID-19: Measures businesses can take for The Coronavirus

If there is one word that is on everyone’s lips at the moment, its ‘Coronavirus’, or COVID-19 as known formally. In this blog, Remax shares some of the measures we are taking to help prepare and mitigate the effects of this virus on our business.

Repair and maintenance costs of rapid roller doors

Do you know what it costs to repair and maintain Rapid Roller Doors? Here are Five tips for understanding the cost of rapid door maintenance and repairs Rapid doors often enable the critical pathways into your facility. That's why it's essential that you ensure they are: Appropriate for their...

What are High Speed Doors and How they Improve Site Efficiency

How to select the ideal rapid door for your warehouse What are High Speed Rapid Roller Doors and why are they valuable for warehouses and various industries and facilities, and what characteristics you should look for when you are looking to improve site efficiency.