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Enhancing Food Safety with Rapid Roller Doors: A Guide to SQF Compliance


In today's food industry, ensuring the safety and quality of products is a top priority. One key framework that facilitates this goal is the Safe Quality Foods (SQF) program, recognised by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI).

This program offers a wide array of food safety and quality guidelines, specifically designed to cater to the demands of suppliers at every stage of the food supply chain, from cultivation, all the way through to customer consumption.

Safe Quality Foods SQF Audits

An SQF audit is a comprehensive assessment conducted to evaluate a company's food safety and quality management systems against the Safe Quality Foods standard. This rigorous evaluation encompasses various aspects of food production, processing, storage, and distribution, ensuring compliance with internationally recognised food safety standards.

During an SQF audit, auditors thoroughly examine critical areas of the operation, including facility cleanliness, hazard analysis, supplier management, and documentation practices. Here are some key components typically included in an SQF audit:

🏭 Facility and Equipment Inspection: Evaluation of facilities, equipment, and infrastructure to ensure compliance with hygiene and safety standards, including assessment of the facility's measures for preventing pests and rodents from entering food production areas.

⚠️ Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) Evaluation: Review of HACCP plans to identify and control food safety hazards specific to the company's operations.

🧼 Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) Assessment: Verification of adherence to GMPs, including cleanliness, sanitation, and employee hygiene practices.

🛒 Supplier Management Verification: Evaluation of supplier management procedures to ensure the safety and quality of raw materials and ingredients.

🔄 Traceability and Recall Procedures Review: Examination of traceability systems and recall procedures to track products throughout the supply chain and initiate recalls if necessary.

📝 Documentation and Record-Keeping Examination: Assessment of documentation and record-keeping practices to ensure accurate and up-to-date records of food production and safety measures.



Combatting Pest Entry Points: How Rapid Roller Doors Ensure SQF Compliance and Facility Integrity

When undergoing an SQF Audit, businesses must ensure that their facilities comply with food safety standards, which includes implementing effective pest and rodent control measures.

A common entry point for pests and rodents into warehouses? The front door, naturally! Rapid Roller Doors present a solution to this challenge, boasting diverse opening mechanisms and extensive customisation options to fit different environments seamlessly.

With the continuous movement of people and vehicles, Rapid Roller Doors uphold food safety integrity, ensuring compliance to SQF requirements.

🚪 Rapid Roller Doors are automated, ensuring that warehouse doors remain closed when not in use. This control helps in maintaining internal temperature control, wind resistance, and pest control within the facility.

🎛️ Equipped with advanced sensors like the Falcon Radar Motion Detector, Rapid Roller Doors can detect and open for larger objects such as forklifts and trucks, while remaining closed for smaller entities like birds or people. This enhances safety and minimizes the risk of accidents.

🚀 The Movidor Rapid Roller Door is one of the fastest soft-edge design high-speed doors available. It provides faster vehicle access while effectively preventing wind, dust, insects, and other pests from entering the facility. With Movidor, food processing facilities can maintain hygiene standards while ensuring efficient operations.


Safe Quality Foods SQF Compliance

By investing in Rapid Roller Doors, businesses not only enhance food safety but also streamline operations and reduce the risk of contamination. These doors offer a cost-effective solution for maintaining compliance with SQF standards, safeguarding both products and consumers. As the food industry continues to evolve, adopting technologies like Rapid Roller Doors becomes essential for staying ahead and ensuring the highest standards of safety and quality. See examples of the Remax Doors SQF compliant range here: Woolworths in Heidelberg, Victoria, Mumford Farms Coolroom in Woorinen South, Victoria, Potato Packing Factory in South Australia, Perfection Fresh Glasshouse in Victoria, and Aldi stories nationwide.

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Why Choose Remax Doors? 

By choosing Remax Doors, you can trust in our expertise and commitment to delivering innovative solutions that prioritize food safety and quality. With our range of Rapid Roller Doors designed for warehouse pest control and SQF compliance, we ensure peace of mind for businesses seeking reliable and efficient door solutions for their food processing facilities.

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