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How to Clean a High Speed Rapid Door

Doors are subject to rigorous use and knocks and scrapes throughout their lifetime.

This is even more true of rapid doors installed in warehouses and large facilities where they may be barriers to outside elements; dust, wind and rain as well as dealing with trucks, forklifts, delivery vehicles and more.

5 Reasons why Cleaning your high speed door is critical:

1. Looking Good: Keep the Rapid door looking good onsite.

2. Efficiency: Helps to keep the door running smoothly by removing dust and grime and ensuring that the door can roll up and down efficiently. 

3. Hygiene:  From a hygiene stand point - if your site is used for storage of food, medical equipment or other consumables, cleaning your door regularly means that it has less chance of harboring bacteria.

4. Safety: Keeping the door clean ensures that your team stay safe and are able to see through the clear windows at all times, and if traffic is approaching the door from the other side. This is incredibly important for forklift drivers who travel at fast speeds around site and can be very close to the door when it opens.

5. Preventative Maintenance: Regular cleaning of your Rapid doors can be a good chance to check and spot any small issues before it becomes a costly repair. 

Do you have a High Speed Rapid Door onsite which is needing a clean and you're not too sure how to go about it? Did you know that Movidor Rapid Doors can easily be cleaned and require little to no maintenance.

We have created a video with some tips and tricks from our experts who have a wealth of knowledge on how to get even the most hardened dust and dirt off High Speed Rapid Doors. 

Watch the video below to find out more.