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Remax Doors Case Study: Mumford Farms

Mumford Farms, a thriving agricultural business in Victoria, was facing a substantial operational bottleneck in their day-to-day activities. Access to their coolrooms was slow and cumbersome due to manually operated doors.

The Challenge

Each entry and exit involved a time-consuming procedure: stopping the forklift, the operator disembarking, manually opening the cool room door, driving through, disembarking again to close the door, and then resuming their task. This manual process was not only inefficient but also raised concerns about temperature control and potential air loss each time the doors remained open for extended periods.

The Solution

Recognising the specific needs of Mumford Farms, REMAX Doors recommended their Movidor HS35s for the coolrooms. These high-speed doors were designed to address the very issues Mumford Farms was grappling with.


The Results

With the installation of the Movidor HS35s, Mumford Farms experienced a noticeable uptick in operational efficiency. The once tedious process of accessing the coolrooms was transformed into a seamless experience.

Forklift operators no longer had to interrupt their workflow to manually open or close doors, leading to significant time savings. The enhanced temperature control brought about by the rapid operation of the doors ensured that the farm's produce remained fresh, and energy costs were optimised.


Product Spotlight: Movidor HS35

Swift Traffic Control

Designed for efficiency, the Movidor HS35s ensure rapid access, minimising the delay previously experienced with manual doors. This rapid operation reduces downtime and allows for a smoother flow of traffic in and out of the cool rooms. 

🌡️ Temperature Control

The quick operation of the Movidor HS35s ensures doors are open for the shortest time possible, effectively reducing air loss. This feature is critical for coolrooms as it aids in maintaining consistent temperatures, ensuring the freshness of stored produce and reducing energy consumption.

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At REMAX Doors, we believe in crafting solutions that address the unique challenges our clients face. Our range of products, from high-speed rapid doors to custom-engineered doorway solutions, is a testament to our commitment to innovation and excellence.

With a foundational principle of understanding our clients’ needs in-depth, every REMAX door is more than just a product; it's a solution tailored to deliver results.

This commitment extends beyond product delivery, marked by our promise of unparalleled service, from the initial consultation to the routine inspections of our installed products.

For a tangible demonstration of our Movidor High Speed Doors' features and benefits, and to explore how REMAX can revolutionise your facility, visit our video library here or call our team on on 1800 010 221. 


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