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Remax Doors Case Study: Potato Packing Factory Solution

A prominent potato packing factory in South Australia was grappling with a significant problem: birds. Their presence onsite was creating huge problems due to contaminating stock. The current roller doors onsite needed to be upgraded to a more robust solution to combat not only the bird problem but also dust, dirt and temperature control.

The Challenge

Avian invaders were wreaking havoc within the facility, contaminating potatoes, defecating throughout the operational area, and creating biological and physical safety concern. Their presence not only led to product spoilage but increased the workload for the staff who had to continuously attempt to usher them out.

This was highly disruptive to daily operations and in addition, the factory faced issues with dust, dirt, and temperature inconsistencies due to an often-open steel door that was slow to operate.

Before & After 


The Solution

Understanding the gravity of the factory’s problems, REMAX recommended and installed a custom-made Rapid Door.

The HS50 door, painted in the factory's chosen colour of blue, spanned a substantial 5.2 meters in height and 4.6 meters in width. 

To address the specific bird problem, the door was equipped with a cutting-edge sensor, the Falcon Radar Motion Detector. This sensor was uniquely designed to detect and open for larger objects such as forklifts and trucks, but not smaller entities like birds or people. For human access, a personnel door was conveniently installed adjacent to the Rapid Door.

The Results

With the installation of the Rapid Door, the factory underwent a transformation. Birds, once a perennial issue, were no longer able to access the facility.

The door's efficient operation meant it remained predominantly closed, preventing contamination from dust and dirt.

Additionally, the factory's temperature became more stable, contributing to enhanced operational efficiency and product preservation. The previous steel door, which often remained open due to its slow mechanism, was now a thing of the past.


Product Spotlight: Movidor High-Speed Door

Customised High Speed Door

Movidor doors have been rigorously crash-tested and are crafted to withstand the challenges of even the harshest environments. Each installation is tailored to specific needs, emphasising REMAX’s capability in providing custom-engineered doorway solutions.

🛠️ Self-Repairing Doors

Accidents happen. Especially in industrial settings where the occasional bump by a forklift or another vehicle is inevitable. Movidor doors stand out in the industry due to their unparalleled self-repairing feature. If impacted, Movidor's unique crash relocation system ensures the door seamlessly relocates back into its guides, virtually eliminating costly repairs and call-outs.

Click here to see a video of our self repair feature.



At REMAX, our ethos revolves around a deep understanding of our clients' needs.

Each project, each door, and every solution is the result of meticulous attention to detail and an unwavering commitment to providing optimal, tailored solutions.

Our commitment doesn't stop at product delivery. Our journey with clients continues, underlined by our promise of unparalleled service, from the initial consultation to the routine inspections of our installed products.

For a tangible demonstration of our Movidor High Speed Doors' features and benefits, and to explore how REMAX can revolutionise your facility, visit our video library here or call our team on on 1800 010 221. 


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