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Remax Rapid Roller Doors for Temperature Control

Temperature Control For Warehousing in Winter

Temperature control is a crucial aspect of many in may warehouses and large facilities, especially in industries where maintaining a consistent internal environment is key.

Whether it's a manufacturing facility, a warehouse, or a retail store, fluctuating temperatures can impact not only the comfort of your staff but also the efficiency of your operations. 

In the colder months, this becomes even more important. Cold drafts and unstable temperatures can make warehouse working conditions uncomfortable, leading to decreased productivity and a high turnover in staff. In industries where temperature-sensitive products are handled, inconsistent temperatures can lead to product damage and a substantial reduction in quality

Remax Rapid Doors For Large Facilities

One innovative solution that has been making waves in the industry is the Remax Rapid Door, also know as a Movidor. These automated doors, designed with the latest technology, offer a range of benefits that extend beyond just temperature control in large facilities including warehousing.

They are a testament to the advancements in industrial design, combining functionality, efficiency and security with ease of use. But what makes them stand out is their ability to adapt to the needs of any business, providing a custom solution that enhances operations.

Benefits of Remax Rapid Roller Doors 

🌟 Staff Comfort and Retention

One of the most significant benefits of installing Remax High speed rapid doors is the improvement in staff comfort. A comfortable working environment is a happier one, and happy employees are more likely to stay with your company. 

By maintaining a consistent temperature, these fast-action doors create a more comfortable working environment, which can aid in staff retention. No one wants to work in a place where they're constantly battling the cold. With Remax Rapid Doors, you can provide a workplace where your staff feel comfortable, leading to increased job satisfaction, higher productivity and lower turnover rates.

🌟 Enhanced Productivity

A comfortable working environment is a productive one. When your staff aren't distracted by discomfort from the cold, they're able to focus better on their tasks. With rapid opening and closing of the external doors, the internal temperature remains constant. This means your employees aren’t spending time trying to warm themselves up, every time the external door is open and closed.

In addition, the automation of the Remax Rapid Roller Doors means that staff don't have to manually open and close doors, saving time and reducing interruptions to the workflow. This allows your operations to run more smoothly, with less downtime and more productivity.

🌟 Energy Cost Savings

With the rising costs of electricity, energy efficiency is a major concern for many businesses. Finding ways to save on energy consumption is crucial. When using air conditioning it is important to ensure all doors and windows remain closed, to reduce the loss of the warm air inside and stop the cold air coming in from the outside. 

In an environment where opening and closing external doors is unavoidable, limiting the time the door is open is essential in maintaining a consistent temperature. For example a cool room rapid door is ideal for a food storage or handling environment. Remax Rapid Doors are only open for as long as necessary, minimising heat loss and reducing energy expenditure.


Features of Remax Rapid Roller Doors

🚀 Automation and Customisation

Remax Rapid Doors are fully automated, opening and closing on approach. This not only improves efficiency but also allows for customisation to fit any business needs. Whether you need the doors to stay open for longer periods or to close quickly, you can adjust the settings to suit your operational requirements.

This level of customisation means that the doors can be tailored to the specific needs of your business, providing a solution that is both efficient and effective and ideal for large factories with vehicles entering and exiting on a consistent basis.

⚡ Speed and Efficiency

The speed of the Remax Rapid Doors is another key feature. These doors can operate as fast as needed, depending on the usage requirements. This means that you can ensure quick access for staff and vehicles without compromising on temperature control.

The doors' speed can be adjusted to match the pace of your operations, ensuring that they enhance efficiency rather than hinder it.

🔒 Safety Measures

Safety is a top priority for Remax. That's why their Rapid Doors come with features like soft bottom edge and self repair - Click here to see a video of our self repair feature.

The soft bottom edge feature ensures that the doors are safe to touch, reducing the risk of injury or damage to pedestrians, oncoming traffic and forklifts as there is no metal beam on the bottom of the door which is commonplace with other rapid doors. While the self-repair feature means that the doors can easily reinsert themselves into their guides if dislodged, minimising downtime.

These safety features show Remax's commitment to providing products that are not only efficient but also safe to use.


Here are some additional safety features of the Remax Rapid Doors:

👀 Detection Sensors: The doors are equipped with detection sensors such as a photoelectric (PE) beam or light curtain. These sensors automatically sense when a person or forklift approaches, and seamlessly retract the high-speed door, preventing any potential accidents.

🚑 Self-Repair Function:
In an industrial or warehouse environment, collisions between forklifts or trolleys and doors are common. Remax Rapid Doors are designed to 'let go' rather than resist impacts. This 'self-repair' function means the door pops out of its frame, then realigns back in its tracks as it continues to roll up. This feature minimises downtime due to repairs.

💨 High Wind Resistance:
For external applications where there is a high wind load, rapid roller doors can be designed and manufactured with integrated wind battens to suit the wind pressure in that environment.

🚦 Activation Systems: Rapid roller doors can be activated with a variety of systems, including radar, infrared, push button, touchless hand sensor, remote control, floor loops (inductive sensors which sense metallic objects), and swipe card or fob for secure access. These sensors can be specifically located with widely.


Range of Options

Remax Rapid roller doors come in both standard and insulated options, catering to a variety of environmental needs.

Whether you're looking to install them in a coolroom, a freezer environment, or a standard room, you can choose the option that best suits your needs.

This range of options means that you can find the perfect door for your specific requirements, ensuring that you get the most out of your investment.

Case Study: Jayco Caravans 

To illustrate the benefits of Remax Rapid Doors, let's look at a case study involving Jayco Caravans. Jayco, the largest RV manufacturer in the Southern Hemisphere, installed Remax Rapid Doors in their manufacturing facility to improve staff comfort, reduce drafts and minimise dust.

Jayco's facility is a bustling hub of activity, with large vehicles constantly moving in and out. The traditional roller shutters they had installed were not up to the task, being slow to open and close. This often caused delays which in turn led to lower productivity. In addition, they did not provide adequate temperature control, leading to uncomfortable working conditions for staff.

The installation of Remax Rapid Doors transformed the facility. The doors' quick operation allowed for smooth traffic flow, reducing delays and improving efficiency and productivity. One of the biggest benefits was the improved temperature control, which made the facility a more comfortable place to work, leading to happier staff and lower turnover rates.

The result? Jayco reported improved staff comfort, reduction in drafts and dust, as well as energy savings. The facility was able to maintain more consistent temperatures, leading to less need for heating and cooling.

Additionally, the clear windows in the Rapid Doors allowed natural light to filter through, even when the doors were closed, creating a more pleasant working environment. Providing a win-win for both Jayco and their employees.

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The Impact of Remax Rapid Doors on Business Operations

Remax Rapid Doors offer a range of benefits that can significantly impact your business operations.

From improving staff comfort and productivity to saving on energy costs, these doors are a worthwhile investment for any business.

With their automation, speed, safety features, and range of options, Remax Rapid Doors are the perfect solution for maintaining temperature control in winter and beyond. They are a testament to the power of innovative design and the potential it has to transform business operations.


Ready to revolutionise your business operations with Remax Rapid Doors? Download our brochure on our range of Remax rapid doors or contact the Remax Doors team today to learn more about how their innovative door solutions can benefit your business. 

You can reach their friendly team at 1800 010 221. If you're outside of Australia, call +61 3 5814 3555. Alternatively, you can send an email to sales@remaxdoors.com for sales enquiries or service@remaxdoors.com for product support.

Take the first step towards a more efficient, comfortable, and safe working environment. Contact Remax today!


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