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Vehicle Spraying Facilities with Enturi Retractable Sectional Doors


In the dynamic world of manufacturing, the need for innovative solutions to overcome space constraints and operational challenges is ever-present. Recently, Remax Doors successfully tackled a unique challenge for a client operating a vehicle spraying facility.


The Challenge

The client faced a critical issue – the necessity for four large doors that could create an effective airlock to withstand high temperatures within the spray booth. The existing building constraints and inability to expand or redesign the space posed significant challenges. The primary goal was to create an airlock on both ends of the spray booth, ensuring a controlled environment for the application of spray paint to large vehicles.


The Solution

Remax Doors designed, manufactured and installed the Insulated Enturi Retractable Sectional Doors to address the client's unique requirements. These doors offered a solution that maintained high temperatures inside the airlock, crucial for the sandblasting process carried out at 70 degrees Celsius within the spray booth.

Features of Enturi Retractable Sectional Doors

The Enturi Retractable Sectional Doors provided a tailored solution to the challenges faced by the client:

🚪Compact Design: Unlike conventional roller doors and Sectional overhead doors, Enturi's compact design allowed door panels to fold neatly into the ceiling cavity or head unit. This eliminated the need to move or reroute existing fixtures, including pipes, lighting, air conditioning, and fire safety equipment.

🚫 No Overhead Rail: The absence of an overhead rail ensured no obstruction to door seals, providing unrestricted access to and from the spray booth.

Fast and Reliable Operation: Enturi doors boasted an opening speed twice as fast as conventional roller shutters, ensuring efficiency in the client's operational processes.

🇦🇺 Australian Made Quality:
Remax Doors prides itself on producing high-quality, reliable products. The Enturi range comes with a 1-year, 100,000 cycles warranty, extendable to 3 years with a preventative maintenance contract.

Benefits to the Client

The installation of Enturi Retractable Sectional Doors resulted in numerous benefits for the client:

📈 Increased Productivity: The doors facilitated a streamlined workflow, leading to improved efficiency and output within the spray booth.

🧹 Containment of Dust and Debris: The airtight seal provided by the doors significantly reduced the spread of dust and debris, contributing to a cleaner and safer working environment.

🚿 Hygiene Improvements: In compliance with regulated spray paint application environments, the airlock created by the doors contributed to enhanced hygiene standards.

The Outcome

In the competitive landscape of manufacturing, investing in purpose-built solutions can make a substantial difference. The successful collaboration between REMAX Doors and our client not only solved a specific problem but also elevated the operational standards of the vehicle spraying facility. 

Enturi Retractable Sectional Doors stand as a testament to innovation, efficiency, and reliability in the industrial door sector. When considering options for your business, remember that Enturi doors offer a combination of speed, reliability, and tight sealing, ensuring optimal performance for your facility.


Enturi Retractable Sectional Doors in Action

Compact sectional doors, exemplified by the Enturi Retractable Sectional Doors from REMAX Doors, prove to be versatile solutions beyond vehicle spraying facilities, including these recent projects:

  • Darryl Twitt Honda Car Showroom: Experience the aesthetic appeal and functionality of compact sectional doors in a car showroom setting.

  • Leslie Refrigerated Transport Loading Dock Doors: See how compact sectional doors play a crucial role in the logistics sector, maintaining temperature control and operational efficiency in loading docks.

  • Pimpama State School: Explore the application of these doors in an educational setting, where they contribute to the security and functionality of school premises.

  • Emergency Response Sector: Witness the reliability and rapid deployment of compact sectional doors in the emergency response sector, where quick access is imperative for effective operations.

These diverse projects showcase the adaptability of compact sectional doors, highlighting their role in enhancing functionality, aesthetics, and security across various industries and settings. 

To speak with our team about your next project, call us on 1800 010 221 or go to our contact page.  



At REMAX Doors, we believe in crafting solutions that address the unique challenges our clients face. Our range of products, from high-speed rapid doors to custom-engineered doorway solutions, is a testament to our commitment to innovation and excellence.

With a foundational principle of understanding our clients’ needs in-depth, every REMAX door is more than just a product; it's a solution tailored to deliver results.

This commitment extends beyond product delivery, marked by our promise of unparalleled service, from the initial consultation to the routine inspections of our installed products.

For a tangible demonstration of our Enturi Sectional Door's features and benefits, and to explore how REMAX can revolutionise your facility, learn more here or call our team on on 1800 010 221. 


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