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Warehouse Management Blog

COVID-19: Measures businesses can take for The Coronavirus

If there is one word that is on everyone’s lips at the moment, its ‘Coronavirus’, or COVID-19 as known formally. In this blog, Remax shares some of the measures we are taking to help prepare and mitigate the effects of this virus on our business.

6 Ways to Control Dust in Your Facility

Warehouse and Storage facilities are at risk if there is a build up of dust. Dust buildup is common in manufacturing plants and can be difficult to manage. There are countless possible reasons for this: Exhaust gases from combustion engines Black tires leaving dust during contact with the floor’s...

How to stop ice forming in a coolroom and on the floor

Solving the issues caused by air and moisture In your coolroom, there are many issues which can be caused by air or moisture ingress. Your doors can also be affected by the infiltration of uncontrolled warm or ambient air. This news post talks about your options for mitigating air infiltration.

What happens during a power failure with the Movidor High Speed door?

Great question!

Four Ways To Maximise Commercial Loading Dock Door Efficiency

The loading dock is where most warehouse operations begin and end. It is where goods are prepared for shipping or received. The loading dock gets a fair share of personnel, product, equipment and vehicle traffic on a daily basis. This is the reason loading docks must be designed with productivity...

Four Ways Rapid Doors Reduce Energy Costs

We're all on the journey to save costs, particularly in the warehouse Sector And with the rise of eco-friendly and sustainable knowledge, there are more and more opportunities to save costs on energy. Reducing our energy footprint can drastically shave thousands off the electricity bill each year.

Roller Door Investment: What You Should Know

As we discussed in our blog: Warehouse Roller Doors - Long Term Cost Considerations, warehouse roller doors are a significant investment that shouldn't be taken lightly. In fact, it's quite the opposite - they can have a big impact on costs in the long run. So what are all the costs that warehouse...

What Attributes Does a Great Loading Dock Door Have?

There are some great options on the market for loading dock doors; and there are some vital elements which separate the great dock doors from the rest. Some of the factors include the insulation value, seals, smart integration, low maintenance design and more.

Safety Features of Rapid roller doors

Four factors to consider when choosing a rapid door Since it's so closely tied to safety, choosing the right rapid roller door for your warehouse is vitally important. If every opening posed a possible threat – to the safety of your staff, equipment, or goods, then you would struggle to comply...

Warehouse Managers Improve Site Reliability in 6 Ways

The cooler winter months is a good time for reflection, scheduling in improvement and repairs before Spring / Summer. As we enter spring and summer we can lose track of how badly we need to repair or replace certain elements around the workplace. While you are going through your books, take the...