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Warehouse Management Blog

Five Smart Ways to Reduce Warehouse Costs

As a busy warehouse manager, you'll know that time is often the barrier to creating solutions for process inefficiencies. The time it takes to find a better solution and implement, can seem too large and daunting to be worth taking. The cruel irony is that those changes we don’t have time to make,...

How to reduce your warehouse energy costs and carbon footprint

5 energy saving tips from the Remax team The two biggest energy consumers in a warehouse are lighting and temperature control (ie. heating, cooling, or refrigeration). It follows therefore that reducing the costs of these two major contributors is the quickest way to make energy savings in your...

5 Checklists to Avoid Forklift-Related Accidents

Forklifts are a major cause of accidents and injuries in many warehouses and workplaces all over Australia. These accidents damage warehouse facilities and pose a health and safety hazard to employees. In the past month alone, there have been several forklift-related accidents, including:

How to prevent flying insects from entering your warehouse

Preventive pest control methods to consider Flying insects are a pervasive cause of contamination throughout the food manufacturing, processing and distribution industry and as we enter the summer months they become even more of an issue. Their number and size make them hard to control and trap....

Warehouse pest control strategies

Tips for rodent prevention and extermination It is often said that the most threatening pest in the food industry is the rodent. Rodents have been implicated in over 55 widespread diseases, with a range of pathogens stretching from parasitic worms to viruses. Not only are rodents responsible for...

Australian cold storage guidelines: preserving food quality and safety

Does your cold chain comply with these standards? It's estimated that over $5 billion worth of food is thrown out every year in Australia. That includes fruit and vegetables worth over $1 billion and meat and fish worth over $800 million.  In uncovering these staggering numbers, The Australian...

Rapid Roller Doors - The Key to Temperature Management

The Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing estimated over 5 million food poisoning cases in Australia, some of which may have been caused by bacteria due to improper storage of the food products. In addition, The Australia Institute found that $5.2 billion worth of food is thrown...

Key considerations for operating an effective cold storage facility

Five strategies for reducing your coolroom energy costs If you're looking to install cold storage facilities in your operations, it's important to carry out research and planning. This can save considerable energy costs and reduce the potential for product loss.  Here are five key considerations...

Preventing food processing contamination: buildings & facilities

Ensure your facility is compliant with our expert tips Your building and facilities play an integral role in preventing food processing contamination. In fact, the way they are designed can significantly facilitate maintenance and sanitation operations.

Forklift Accidents: Reducing Damage to Product & Equipment

Four steps to avoiding costly damage to products and equipment by forklifts We previously discussed how forklifts can endanger the lives of pedestrians. Now, we'll move onto how forklifts can inflict serious damage on the surrounding product and even the warehouse itself. Below are some examples...